Spalon’s Philosopy

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” More often than not, it is! But if not for the story inside, the cover would be pointless.

For over 30 years, this is what we at Spalon have strongly believed in. We use an unconventional approach of offering services which includes capturing the story of every individual by going in-depth into understanding their features, personality& lifestyle to bring out their best.

We firmly believe that beauty & wellness is universal, so we strive to offer our services to people spanning across various sections of the society.

We are currently active in Chennai and Bengaluru and hope to soon become one of the strongest players in the South.

Our Brand Story

  • Our journey as Spalon began in 1982 when our Founder, Latha Mohan started the first branch of Kanya, an exclusive beauty parlor for women. Kanya quickly became renowned for its commitment to quality and went on to win awards in the beauty &wellness segment.

  • In 2004 under the leadership of Latha Mohan's children, Vikram and Prarthana, Bounce was set up to bring the services of some of the best stylists in India, to the affluent sections of the society. Today Bounce has become one of the leading beauty and wellness centers in Chennai, Bengaluru, hyderabad and mumbai.

  • With the intention of providing a more holistic experience that helps soothe and rejuvenate the body, Oryza was setup. Today Oryza offers a whole range of treatments using only natural ingredients, from around the world.

  • In 2010, Bliss and Spatik were launched in Chennai’s two biggest malls, to provide quick foot & back massages at affordable prices. The concept proved to be a huge success, with tired shoppers feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  • Keeping in line with our philosophy, we have recently extended Spalon’s Beauty and Wellness services to students and young professionals, at prices that are light on their pockets, with our Cut it Out brand of salons. Cut It Out is rapidly gaining popularity and is all set to be a leader in the semi-premium salon segment in the next few years.

Spreading the Style

With the rapid expansion of Spalon brands, to meet the ever increasing demand, we felt the need to train and nurture the untapped talent of many,in-house. Thus Bounce Style Academy was born. With an experienced and dedicated staff, we offer students the most comprehensive, professional and up- to- date training in hairstyling. We take pride in our graduates who have grown into contemporary "hair technicians".